Sunday, April 17, 2016

So... Let's get to it...Signs and Symptoms

At first I had no idea what was going on. Just stress that's why I missed.... duh! 1 week goes by headaches, nauseous ( I thought it was food poisoning) Still no monthly friend 2 weeks.... ok I 'm going to get a test but I'm only get one because there is no way so I just need reassurance.... AND "+" sign so not only were those symptoms I had overlooked, I also had been gaining some weight. I pretty much put on 10 lbs. and thought it was just a little too much cake.I was ready to start getting to the gym.... ha ha ... guess not It's amazing, life is, My brain had no idea what was going on but my body was already preparing... Time for the 1st doctor's visit!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

1st entry.... Here We Go Again!

Not that this is bad. Baby #3 can we do it again? Well the test says "+" so I think that's a YES! We tried months ago to no avail, guess there was something bigger in the cards then even we knew! So, the oldest 2 are both in school, daycare before and after, best part they can wipe and bathe themselves (for the most part, I still have to do the smell the hair test) I know boys for you, right. Anyways, we are excited and will be more prepared than both times before. WE CAN DO THIS!

Yes.. the name is correct!

Thank you for stopping by my pregnancy blog and welcome to the wonderful part of my life to be known as "the trilogy of my fertility". The journey of my 3rd and last pregnancy, including all the wonderful ups, painful downs and of course LOVE.